Research Areas

Visualization, Simulation, and Design (VSD)

TTi develops the vital software tools and application for modeling and virtual methods to aid in diagnostics, human-computer interface, battlefield models, terrain visualization, and virtual reality. TTi has created an interdisciplinary forum for solving multidimensional problems visually.

Fluid Structure Interaction Problem

The focus of this research is to analyze and simulate the behavior of structures such as variable truss with interaction through incompressible fluid flow. Particular emphasis is given to using parallel and vector computing methods.

Damage Structure Assessment

The focus of this research is to study the prediction of the degree of degradation and residual life capacity of structures that have been damaged either by single catastrophic events such as explosions, fire or episodic and/or continuous events such as earthquakes, title action or wind gusts.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security projects focus on preventing or mitigating threats to computer networks vital to virtual Enterprise and transportation.

Distance Learning

TTi is exploring distance learning using teleconferencing and communication links, such as the World Wide Web to connect others. TTi’s research will extend the distance learning techniques by combining desktop and video conferencing for skill sustenance courses that require a higher degree of instructor-student interaction.