Visualization, Simulation, and Design (VSD)

TTi is in a unique position to combine expertise and technical ability to address companies’ Architectural / Engineering needs. The TTi team has training in Architecture, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Systems Control, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality

The TTi is a pioneer technology company in the area of Virtual Reality. In the late 80s, it has strategic mission to develop exploratory software and instrumentation for simulation and modeling. In the forefront of Virtual Interactive Learning Environment for Teachers and Students (VILETS). TTi have done series of VR Building Envelope Walk-Thrus, Telemedicine, Teleportation, Energy Simulation and Augmented Reality (AR). Presently supporting Mixed Reality (MR) environments.

Computer Engineering

  • VSD Walkthrough. TTi provides a virtual walkthrough of structures prior to the physical development or anytime thereafter using the software tools, developed by the company, and application for modeling and virtual methods to aid in diagnostics and human-computer interface.
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) / Geographic Information Systems (GIS). TTi offers a CAD/GIS package service to large and small businesses. Services to be rendered include:
    • CAD drafting/plotting of Architectural Engineering and Survey drawings.
    • Advise client on the appropriate CAD/GIS package to use.
    • Recommend necessary hardware for personal workstations.
    • Customize in house software to gain speed and enhance production.
    • Support enterprise GIS implementations.
    • On and off-site training.

Product Data Exchange

TTi will provide engineering data exchange tools, expertise and value-added services crucial to the creation of an information infrastructure that allows enterprises to freely exchange product and process data and integrate the design and production processes.

Electronic Commerce

  • Electronic Business (EB) / Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). TTi assists companies with Electronic Business processes, including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for receiving and completing bid packages, transferring data electronically, getting paid, and automating their business. TTi can help a business integrate the company’s current workload into a Personal Computer (PC) or mainframe computer environment.
  • Web Authoring. TTi provides Web Authoring, including marketing techniques, for individuals and businesses based upon their needs.
  • T-Portal. TTi develop customize e-business and e-government portal solutions.


  • ISP/VAN Provider. TTi provides Internet services designed for entities that want to become local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and provide better Internet services for existing ISPs. TTi will give its customers the resources to provide high-speed, low cost Internet access to their customers. This service offers the customer the power of global reach with the convenience of local support.
  • Satellite Television Services. TTi will provide satellite television services, which directly link more than a million consumers in Nigeria and South Africa, many of whom live beyond the reach of cable and off-air television, benefits of the information age enjoyed in the western world.

Technology-Based Security

  • TTi offers a full range of video monitoring support including system design, hardware, installation, and maintenance.
  • Video Monitoring allows full accessibility from any location via Internet including virtual private network (VPN).
  • Video Images are stored in a fully searchable image database to support any security requirement.